Perfect for tan bustier bridal lingerie,steampunk wedding dresses, Halloween costumes,date burlesque or any intimate setting. Perfect for tan bustier bridal lingerie, steampunk wedding dresses, Halloween costumes, date nights, burlesque or any intimate setting. Please use our own Size Chart guide located on the left of the product image,do N O T use the size guide Feature: Perfect for tan bustier steampunk costume, burlesque, Halloween costumes,clubbing and any parties. Loosen the corset by undoing the centre loops and pulling the back of corset apart 6-7" but don't undo the laces at the bottom of the corset.

The corset is designed by waist size, please choose your corset according to your waistline. Exceptional in a set with (sold separately) corset V-4887.

Feature: Exceptional in a set with (sold separately) corset V-4887. Steampunk overbust corset with 12 steel bones (10 spiral steel bones, 2 flat steel bones). How to find your perfect size? Corset is in order to make a more slender body, please don't compare with the general clothes' size. This fashion corset is widely used in wedding, christmas party, clubbing, cosplay, stage performance,intimate or naughty occasions. The Kiwi- Rata corset is designed to create a wonderful hourglass figure for an alternative outfit a night out. Brocade Patterns Overbust Corset, You Can Wear Our Corsets As tan bustier Clubwear, burlesque Stage Costumes, Party, Gothic Clothing, Evening Wear or Halloween Costume. Carefully line up the two sides of your busk on the front of the corset. Please choose the size by waist size, Read the size chart before you bid.

Tie off the loose lacing on the back of your corset. Overbust fashion costume corset. Package: 1 x corset, 1 x matching G- String5. How to put on a corset by yourself?1. If your actual waist is between two size, we suggest that you choose the smaller size. If your waist measurment is between two size, please choose the smaller size. Serenity Black / Blue String V-4888 matching to Push Up Corset V-4887 By Axami Exclusive Lingerie size S M L X L. Size Chart: S, Bust:32"-34", Waist:24"-25", Hips:34"-36" ( U S Size 2-4) M, Bust:34"-36", Waist:26"-27", Hips:36"-38" ( U S Size 4-6) L, Bust:36"-38", Waist:28"-29", Hips:38"-40" ( U S Size 6-8) X L, Bust:38"-40", Waist:30"-31", Hips:40"-42" ( U S Size 8-10) 2 X L, Bust:40"-42", Waist:32"-33", Hips:42"-44" ( U S Size 10-12) 3 X L, Bust:42"-44", Waist:34"-35", Hips:44"-46" ( U S Size 12-14) 4 X L, Bust:44"-46", Waist:36"-37", Hips:46"-48" ( U S Size 14-16) 5 X L, Bust:46"-48", Waist:38"-39", Hips:48"-50" ( U S Size 16-18) 6 X L, Bust:48"-50", Waist:40"-41", Hips:50"-52" ( U S Size 18-20) T I P: parallel to the chest of the back pull laces do not pull so tight, Adjust the lace back according to your own situation.

Front design: clasp closure, back design: cord lacing, side design: double faux leather buckles. Women's Punk Rock Faux Leather Buckle-up Corset Bustier Basque with G- String. Women's Gothic Brocade Spiral Steel Boned Corsets and Bustiers with Buckles. Women's Plus Size Floral Trim Lace up Boned Overbust Corset Waist Cincher Bustier. Next, go to the bottom of the lacing and pull the laces tighter there. Spiral Steel Boned Waist Cincher, a Helpful Corset Gives a Slim Figure for you, an Ideal for a Hourglass Shape.

7inch ( U S 12-14) The Size Chart Above is Measured of the Corset, N O T Y O U R B O D Y S I Z E. Corset is In Order to Make A More Slender Body, Please Don't Compare with the General Clothes' Size. In general, at underbust tighten, hold the chest, chest parallel behind don't pull too tight.