Hot Todd Lincoln

The Knickers’ Master of Ceremonies

M.C. Hot Todd Lincoln

H.T.L. is what’s known in the business as a “groaner.” He tells awful
jokes, and makes ridiculous puns, but makes up for it by bringing you
beautiful women. He likes to interact with the audience, finding willing
vict- accomplices and to check in with them during the show. His goal is
for everyone to be engaged in the show, and to truly enjoy the
performers and themselves.

While he considers himself a performer, he is also a fan. He
enjoys working with some truly talented and amazing individuals. He’s hosted the Freak Sheaux to Geaux in New Orleans, and recently returned
as host of Pinups for Pitbulls’ annual holiday bazaar.  He also
produced a couple of variety shows, and played host for several charity gigs, such as the DC Variety Pastie Aid, as well as the “Sideshow Gathering” benefit.

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